NASA Budget Distribution: Incrementalism or Punctuated Equilibrium Theory, Under Review

This article will attempt to study NASA’s budget as a distribution to investigate changes in NASA’s budget from the years 1957-2014 using cutting-edge theories in political science. Understanding NASA’s budget changes are the crucial first step in understanding how NASA’s budget may change and proponents of NASA might find whether NASA’s budget has been incremental or show punctuations very useful. This paper will use kurtosis mathematical methods and Robinson (2007) calculations for budget changes.



Investigating the Congressional Organizational Agents of Spaceflight During the Apollo Era, Under Review

Using Policy Agendas Project coding data and Congressional hearing data, I am modeling the organizations that arise at Congressional NASA and spaceflight hearings during the Apollo Era, 1957-1969.  The purpose of the project is to find out what agents have influenced Congress during the period that would end up sending man to the Moon.  History suggests this was a very nationally defensive period in spaceflight and it will be important to chart whom Congress has spoken to on spaceflight as a policy issue and where Congress gets its information used when making decisions.



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