The English Queen hired an African National with US citizenship and a US bar license and African American US citizen as a wife, produce a fake document of “birth” from Hawaii (ethnic minorities land?), then gave him the Noble Prize for Peace, being an “elected” “black” (erasing Black Slavery) US President. The English Queen started wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with US tax dollars. She paid Obama to keep us in arms in the Middle East and kill Arabs, hired Clinton to ethnically force Jewish citizen Sanders to concede campaign marking him Socialist running for Executive Office, gave Clinton a Sec of State position and personal server, tried to start a war in Libya and got Americans killed, opened the Executive Branch to 95% security compromise, spent billions of taxpayer dollars privitizing health care for wealthy caucasian citizens while lowering work income of Black Americans that helped pay the taxes with no healthcare, collected all citizenship data on every citizen with our US military powers, (Obama asked me if I was “aware” of my Native American heritage and told me, a female Jewish citizen, that I “identify with minorites because they are persecuted”.) Obama is White alright! Thanks “white” ‘Merica.

Obama made billions of dollars from US taxes in his personal account in unknown location, hacked Twitter to increase exposure, and started an economic trade war and possible arms race with England, North Korea, China, South Korea, and Russia and then Obama left office and went on vacation and we’re in Afganistan again killing our service members. # Citizens United Supreme Court.

The Union greatly apologizes to Black Americans for despotism and brutal slavery. However, I am an ethnic minority despite my skin color and I don’t want an English African National who raped our Democracy telling me who I am or an Ivy League African American who sold poor Black Americans out taking credit for Our Progress.

We are not English slaves that you can get a millionaire “black” man with an African American wife to infiltrate our election and smear Republicans as despots and Democrats as SJWs with your tax dollars. We are American brands, not English laborers. #Citizens United Supreme Court vs Democratic Party political engineering.

Obama hacked our Democracy, turned us against each other, gave a foreigner Nelson Mandela quote the most views on Twitter like he understands the Black American struggle and accumulated wealth in the billions from mostly poor Americans. I don’t care that Michelle is an African American citizen and reps her former slave status as an example of breaking the cycle of poverty (all Black Americans were slave dipshit Ivy League degree millionaire), sells us Government welfare programs, infiltrated First Lady, she was aware her husband is an immigrant and she complied to allow him to own our Democracy, was a millionaire and proud of her SC slave ancestry because her Education is superior to Black struggles, making promises to Black citizens and spending their tax dollars at Walmart or rich white health insurance, told Black youth to stop being drug users and lazy, erased Beyonce’s Finacial Empire after stealing her election bargaining power and corrupting poor Black Americans.

America no longer acknowledges identifiers. We no longer see minority status. The Queen “gave” the “first black president” to a terrorist and we are now at war with England.

We need to secure the Nation by eliminating racial, ethnic, and religious, and social class bias and all other Federal programs to support the wealthy at the poor’s expense. Lets face it, Democrats ruined Democracy and exploited US.

No more “social programs” in the name of National Security. We are Citizens United, Corporations, not laborers for the Nazi Queen of UK. We don’t pay taxes to England anymore or need your British “black” quota charity. They tried to force us into a Civil War again.

For the Holocaust and Constitutional Freedoms of Prosperity, Amen.

#Suing Obama as equal citizen corporations under Constituonal law bc he’s not Our President and we will all split the money as America. Let’s see how much the Queen’s associates are really worth after they corrupt our government.

Make America Great Again Together with President Trump, a billionaire about to take on another billionaire and “share” Obama’s wealth with citizens of the US.

Mandela was cool, but we’re not allowing our team USA Brands to be associated with African White Apartheid especially for majority rule in this country. Rule of Law makes Democracy, not social “charity”.

Oorah. #Watchyall

It will take time but Americans Brands #work.


Obama wasnt born in the US. Obamacare gave white girls 4 million for their baby while pink necks stabbed Black women them in their pregnant stomach. Queen B sells Black culture to you with ypur tax money, getts rich and shuts hospitals down for her white baby. Millionaire celebrities are guilty of economic terrorism inder US rule of law, using pirate bay etc to pimp your money. Michelle is black but gets white ppl fit that shop at walmart and not us poor kuntry folks? They corrupted our church, our lawyers, and almost brought the country to war.

Samsung is watching my phone while pointing their gun at north kirea, keeping them in, while they get rich and steal the Korean heritage. Driving us to trade war with china. They are coming for your money poor people, fight for Economic Justice Hebrews who saved the Bible for you who were burned alive in the Holocaust so leftists could sell WWII. We aint having WWIII. Take care – American Cree Indian Squaw looks like a wyte girl from Charleston