Crash Course in Space Policy


Dominique M. Awis

BA Political Science

College of Charleston

May 2015


 .pdf available here:


Crash Course U.S. Space Policy 

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4 Week Course


Week 1:

The Space Race, Creation of NASA, and Space History

Space Act of 1958



Logsdon, Introduction and Chapter One

Logsdon, John. Decision to Go to the Moon. 1970. MIT.



Sadeh, “Historical Dimensions of Space Age,” by Launius

Sadeh, Eligar. Space Politics and Policy. 2002/3. Kluwer Academic Publishers

Week 2:


Rationales for Space Exploration

 Sadeh, “Rationales of the Space Program,” by Handberg



Launius, Chapter 2

Week 3:


US Presidents and space exploration

 Logsdon, “10 presidents and NASA”



Sadeh, “Presidents and Space Policy,” by Krug

Week 4:


Congress and space exploration

  Sadeh, “Congress and Space Policy,” by Johnson-Freese



Hogan, Chapter 6. “SEI, Policy Streams, and Punctuated Equilibrium”

Hogan, Thor. Mars Wars. 2007.

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